domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Video Games

It's you, it's you, it's all for you
everything I do,
I tell you all the time:
Heaven is a place on earth with you, 
tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls, hon, is that true?
It's better that I ever even knew
they say that world was built for two
only worth living if somebody is loving you.
Baby, now you do.

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Intro of poem "The astronaut" of Sarah Kay

I see the moon
The moon sees me
The moon sees somebody
That I don’t see
God bless the moon
And god bless me
god bless somebody
That I don’t see
If I get to heaven
before you do
I’ll make a hole
To put you through
And I’ll write your name
In every star
And that way
The world
Won’t seen so far